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Buildings of CNBM(Hefei)Technology Center Topped Out

Date:2020-12-30 14:33 Number: Size:[ Big ] [ Middle ] [ Small ]

All the buildings of CNBM(Hefei) Technology Center were topped out on December 15,2020. 

Under the auspices of CNBM, HCRDI is building CNBM (Hefei) Technology Center, aiming to make it a national research hub of cement industry. The project was started in September 2019. It’s expected to be completed in June 2021. HCRDI will move its research units at municipal, provincial, and national levels into the center. HCRDI will also move its experiment platforms, experiment systems, laboratories and other facilities from different places into the center. The technology center shall be a world class cement technology and equipment R&D and innovation highland and an influential high-level talent center. Moreover, the World Cement Association (WCA) shall establish its international cement laboratory and R&D center in the technology center to provide all-round services for its members.  

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